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The Money Blocks that Impact Women

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In Episode #190, I am talking with Virginia Woolf 

Virginia Woolf is an Accredited Master Coach and Certified Money Coach. As a coach of twenty years standing her passion and purpose is the transformation of her clients. When her clients transform and get what they want Virginia’s  heart sings – and that is simply the best feeling.  

Virginia started her money journey in 2015. She had been busy coaching other women about Impostor Syndrome, organizational culture and politics, how to get ahead in their positions and ask for more money, how to put an end to underearning and upgrade their lives but like the painter whose own house needs painting she spent zero time attending to her own life and her own money.  

So, she made a decision that she had had enough of being a money dill. She started a journey of research, study, learning and certification.  

Virginia found that the money work was so transformational that she did the work to get certified as a Money Coach. This work is transformational in a way that no other coaching is – because when dealing with money the rubber really meets the road. You can’t put anything under the table when dealing with money. Once we pull the pin on money a host of pins get pulled and we transform many parts of our lives. 

Today, Virginia Woolf is sharing with us some of her insights on The Money Blocks that Impact Women with Viriginia Woolf 

We talked about: 

  • The situation with women and money and the main issues.
  • The three syndromes that are affecting a majority of women. 
  • The money blocks that impact women. 
  • The effectiveness of money coaching. 

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