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Episode #185- Growth Junkies Unite with Emily Ransone

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In Episode #185, I am talking with Emily Ransone 

Emily Ransone loves to say she is enjoying a very multi-faceted career these days. As a business owner, EOS® Implementer (business coach), Peer Group Facilitator with Twelve Mavens, published author, sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator, and active community volunteer, Emily has developed a passion for helping clients, friends and colleagues get more of what they want from life.  

Today, Emily Ransone is sharing with us some of his insights on Growth Junkies Unite 

We talked about:  

  • How she developed resiliency. 
  • Why she considers herself a growth junkie. 
  • What you can gain from reading her book “Growth Junkies Unite”. 
  • Tips from her workshop: “Drop the Ball: Do More of What Matters” 
  • How you can learn the power of focus and what to say “no” to.  

She can be found on: 

Book: Growth Junkies Unite – 

She is offering VIP code for book discount. Free 90 minute workshop to improve how guests run their business. 

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