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Episode #183- Lifepreneurship with Deborah Drummond and Caroline Blanchard

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In Episode #183, I am talking with Deborah Drummond and Caroline Blanchard 

Deborah Drummond , an entrepreneur for over 30 years in the health wellness and anti aging field alongside Caroline Blanchard who’s incredible length of work in the corporate field raising funds have come together to create media platforms for people to share the best of themselves. 

Today, Deborah Drummond and Caroline Blanchard is sharing with us some of his insights on Lifepreneurship 

We talked about: 

  • How they decided to work together. 
  • The importance for them to produce the show and books for entrepreneurs.
  • What they each do to Center themselves and stay balanced. 
  • When we can expect to see them both on stage. 

They can be found on: 

The True That Show Podcast and YouTube 

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