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Episode #182- Improving Your Money Mindset Leads to More Success in the Shared Economy with Cassie Parks

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In Episode #182, I am talking with Cassie Parks 

Cassie Parks is the fairy god-mother for people who struggle to manifest more than parking spaces.  

Through her positive reality podcast, books and online coaching program, she shakes up your approach to using the law of attraction while making it all feel easy, practical and of course fun. Her insights have been featured on Colorado’s best, in the Huffington Post, and on one of the most downloaded episodes of Primal Blueprint. When she’s not teaching people how to attract more money, you can find her in the pool, having a dance party with my favorite kiddos, concocting powerful female leads for her novellas and occasionally sipping on her favorite chocolate cake champagne cocktail. 

Today, Cassie Parks is sharing with us some of his insights on Improving Your Money Mindset Leads to More Success in the Shared Economy 

We talked about:  

  • Manifesting money is one of the best ways to learn how to leverage the law of attraction. 
  • Leveraging the law of attraction when renting out your pool on Swimply (the Air B&B for pools). 
  • Her favorite money manifesting stories. 
  • How stepping into your Future Self creates more lasting change than trying to fix yourself. 
  • She explains her phrase, “The story you tell today is the life you live tomorrow”. 
  • Why she lets people pay her after they manifest. 

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