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Episode #181- Simplifying Law of Attraction Concepts with Tim Grimes

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In Episode #181, I am talking with Tim Grime 

Tim Grimes is a spiritual counselor who specializes in helping people relax. An author of multiple bestselling stress management guides, including “The Joy of Not Thinking” and “Relax More, Try Less,” Tim is a modern authority on the law of attraction and also an acclaimed editor of classic law of attraction teachings by Émile Coué and Neville Goddard. For more information visit: 

Today, Tim Grimes is sharing with us some of his insights on Simplifying Law of Attraction Concepts 

We talked about: 

  • His favorite manifesting technique.   
  • Why most people fail in applying law of attraction principles.
  • The fact that modern LOA can be watered down because of its commercial popularity.
  • The best way one can become more relaxed and feel naturally abundant.
  • Some of his favorite law of attraction books.

He can be found on:  
Book: “The Law of Attraction Simplified” 

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