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Episode #18 – Rhonda Knight Boyle – Understanding your Natural Patterns

Understanding your Natural Patterns

Maximize Your Infinite Potential

Live Your Best Life!

Learn about your strengths and talents and increase the power of Law of Attraction in bringing out a more successful you. 

Tap into the Power of Your Mind as Rhonda Knight Boyle, a transformational leader, teaches you about strengths-based processes which she does through her workshops, corporate education and group coaching.

On our show, we dive into how the CliftonStrengths assessment is different from other Personality Tests.

We do a REVEAL on my Top 5 Talents!

Discover for yourself, if you should even use self-hypnosis to help make your weaknesses stronger.  

Rhonda is the author of Dive into Strengths, an Exploration of the Very Best YOU and co-author of Driven Success: Failures to Avoid and Wins to Go After.

Rhonda has been part of the strengths movement since 2008 and is also a Certified Law of Attraction facilitator.

She also hosts the Strengths Activation Show on Facebook LIVE

This was a fun show and you will learn a lot about yourself.  

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