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Be a Co-Creator with the Universe and Manifest What You Want with Melisa Caprio

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In Episode #179, I am talking with Melisa Caprio 

Melisa Caprio, author, photographer, radio host and creator of Postcards to the Universe™ A Global Movement for Manifestation, is inviting people from around the world to participate in this movement. By using photography, art, personal wishes and desires and sending them out to the Universe via a postcard. Her inspiration comes from a desire to have a forum where people come together in creative ways for global change. She is currently giving workshops on photography, art, transformation, and manifestation. She guides her clients on how to create a unique postcard for added effect on the power of creative intention. 

Caprio has her own weekly show titled Postcards to the Universe with Melisa, Creating the Life you Crave on OMTimes Radio where she interviews spiritual trailblazers, she has turned that show into a popular podcast. She is a regular blog contributor on Thrive Global. 

Today, Melisa Caprio is sharing with us some of her insights on Be a Co-Creator with the Universe and Manifest What You Want 

We talked about: 

  • How she manifests and what that looks like. 
  • How your life can change. 
  • What happens if you are afraid to change. 
  • What 2 of the biggest components are to shifting your energy 
  • How to make a powerful and magical manifesting postcard. 

She can be found on:   

Books: Postcards to the Universe, Harness the Universe’s Power and Manifest Your Dreams 

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