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Episode #177- The Seven-Steps System to Turn a Hobby into a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Victoria Wieck

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In Episode #177, I am talking with Victoria Wieck 

Victoria Wieck went from a penniless immigrant to a successful business owner, generating over $500 million in retail sales by unleashing her passion for jewelry. She had no money, no expertise, no inside connections, and no mentors. The only thing she had going for her was her desire to succeed and the willingness to work hard. Her products have been sold in over 30 countries and she’s had her own TV show for the past 24 years (19 years on HSN and currently on ShopHQ).  

She has survived her many obstacles and mistakes now spends a good deal of time sharing the lessons she has learned on her podcast, Million Dollar Hobbies, as well as with keynote speaking engagements. 

Today, Victoria Wieck is sharing with us some of her insights on The Seven-Steps System to Turn a Hobby into a Multi-Million Dollar Business 

We talked about: 

  • What it was like when she found her family came to America, in search of the American dream with only $30 and hanging on to a flicker of hope. 
  • What her strategy was for starting a business with no money in one of the most competitive industries and one that relies on relationships with suppliers, and loads of money. 
  • Some of the biggest mistakes she made in building a 9 figure business, the moments when all seemed lost, facing bankruptcy and how she survived through all that. 
  • How much of her success she contributes to her ability to her mindset.  
  • Advice for you about how to use the power of their minds to achieve your dream life. 
  • Why she wrote two books, in crossed genres, one is a science fiction novel, which requires a lot of creativity and the other is a how-to book, which requires a different mindset targeted to a different audience.   
  • What it’s like to be on national TV, sharing her designs and inspirations behind them. 

She can be found on: 

Million Dollar Hobbies Podcast 

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