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Episode #175- Move Past Your Fear and Change Your Story with Landria Onkka

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In Episode #175, I am talking with Landria Onkka 

Landria is a Spiritual Guide who’s help to Raise the Frequency of the Planet One Light Being at a Time.  I came across Landria through her YouTube Channel, which is currently approaching about 100k subscribers.  She released videos almost every day, which help people to Break Through Fears and Manifest Anything.    

She’s spent over 20 years in investment banking before quitting it all to pursue her dreams. She went on to become a best selling award winning author, has a television movie, and became an online influencer. Her YouTube channel reaches millions with the messages on how to ‘manifest anything.’   

She also got trained in digital business creation and uses her skills to provide online spiritual teachings and ecourses in addition to coaching everyday people on how to launch their own online businesses. Landria simply gives you all the tools to help you manifest anything in every area of your life.

Today, Landria Onkka is sharing with us some of her insights on Move Past Your Fear and Change Your Story 

We talked about: 

  • Her simple 3 step process to manifest ANYTHING. 
  • The biggest obstacles or blocks to being able to manifest your desired outcomes. 
  • The biggest fears people have to manifesting our desired results and how these become barriers. 
  • Causes for fear and what can happen once we deal with it. 
  • Her recommended steps to break through fears and limitations. 
  • The importance of being clear on what we want.
  • How she guides people to get clear on what they truly desire. 
  • How she is helping people to start their own online business. 

She can be found on: 

Check out her Break Through Fear eCourse: 

What Am I Manifesting App: 

Manifest Anything FREE Video Series: 

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