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Episode #172- The 4 Keys to Manifesting Clients with Kadidja Yansane

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In Episode #172, I am talking with Kadidja Yansane 

A speaker, coach, & consultant for nearly two decades, Kadidja received her B.A in Women Studies at UC Berkeley. She has been passionate and dedicated her life and work to supporting women to recognize their brilliance and deliver their unique contributions.  

She led and organized hundreds of women’s groups, programs, seminars, and classes to support women in owning their value, charging their worth and doing what they love. Her signature program is The Client Creation Program – 8 Weeks to Mastering the Art of Getting Clients.   

Additionally, Kadidja has created hundreds of online videos on the topics of women’s business, empowerment, and leadership – with tens of thousands of views on youtube and facebook. 

Today, Kadidja Yansane is sharing with us some of her insights on The 4 Keys to Manifesting Clients 

We talked about: 

  • How she got started as a coach. 
  • The biggest challenge her clients face when it comes to getting clients.  
  • The 4 M’s To Manifesting Clients. 
  • How she personally cultivates a powerful mindset.  
  • Advice to people who are doing all the things but still not manifesting their goals. 

She can be found on: 

You can get a Free copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Client Creation” at. 

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