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Episode #171- How to Subconscious Wounds with Frances Yahia

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In Episode #171, I am talking with Frances Yahia 

Frances Yahia has a PhD in Educational Leadership and Mental Health, a MPH, a MS in Dietetics am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Dietitian, a professional archetypal astrologer, akashic records reader, and shaman. 

Today, Frances Yahia is sharing with us some of her insights on How to Heal Subconscious Wounds 

We talked about: 


  • How the subconscious develops 
  • How to grow into Spiritual Adults. 
  •  The hidden truths of the universe.  
  •  Earth consciousness versus spiritual consciousness. 
  •  The difference between transformation and transmutation. 

She can be found on: (website)   

Mistress of the Subconscious (podcast)   

Youtube channel with tons of video on metaphysics, spirituality, symbolism, mythology, universal laws and depth psychology   

Hidden Truths Patreon page: Spiritual Starter Kit   

Book: The Seven Gates: Seven Steps Beyond Self-Awareness; Witch Bitch: Ceremonies and Rituals for Gods and Goddesses 

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