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Episode #170- The Akashic Records and Breathwork to Make Rapid Changes in Life with Alyse Bacine

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In Episode #170, I am talking with Alyce Bacine 

Alyse has been teaching and practicing breathwork for 20 years and incorporates her unique style of breathwork, channeled in the Akashic Records to create rapid momentum with all of her clients. In doing so she uses her powerful connection to Spirit to tap into people’s energy so she can help identify what’s holding them back. She helps them overcome these blocks through breathwork, The Akashic Records, and powerful energy healing. Her mission on this planet is to guide people to activate their ascension, live their soul’s mission, and step into the 5th dimension.  

Alyse has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Certification in Social Emotional Learning. Alyse has an extensive background as a school counselor and educator. She’s an expert in the field of human development and has created a meditation program for middle school students. Alyse is also a wife and mom of two. 

Today, Alyse Bacine is sharing with us some of her insights on  The Akashic Records and Breathwork to Make Rapid Changes in Life 

We talked about: 

  • What the The Akashic Records are.   
  • How breathwork helps you make rapid changes in your life.  
  • The biggest shifts we’re seeing on the planet right now.  
  • Why connecting to our psychic abilities is so important right now.  
  • The role trauma plays in our ability to make dramatic changes in our lives. 

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