Victoria M Gallagher

Episode #17 – Christy Whitman – Quantum Success in Your Career

Christy’s mission and passion is teaching others how to engage these Universal Principles – the Laws of AttractionAbundance and Allowing, to name a few – to attract their ideal partner, create their ideal body, become more empowered parents to their children and magnetize success.

Gain insights Christy teaches about in her new book – Quantum Success – the 7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful and Prosperous Relationship with Work and Money.

Understand the distinction between motivated action and inspired action. What is the difference between the two? How do you bridge the gap vibrationally between setting your intention, what your desires are and what you have manifested?

We talk about energy and emotions and how we need to attend, process, and release to the negative emotions, and how that can create blocks and keep you stuck and we are attracting from that point.

You’ll find out the 3 questions you need to ask yourself that will help you shift your energy and your vibration to start attracting what you want.

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