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Episode #150- How Online Courses and Group Coaching Programs Can Pandemic Proof Your Business with Joe DeMaria

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In Episode #150, I am talking with Joe DeMaria 


Joe helps coaches, consultants, and peak performers create online courses and group coaching programs to increase their transformative impact on their audiences, expand their product offerings, and create new pillars of revenue in their businesses. 


Joe Polish said, “[Joe DeMaria is] … one of the top course creators on the planet and has unique talent with taking expertise and packaging it.” 

Today, Joe DeMaria is sharing with us some of his insights on How Online and Group Coaching Programs Can Pandemic Proof Your Business 


We talked about: 

  • What is new about his approach to creating courses or group training programs that makes it uniquely suited to these strange and uncertain times in business. 
  • How to know if your idea is program worthy.   
  • Secrets to creating an online course curriculum that most people DON’T know. 
  • His thoughts on whether the world will ever go back to the way things were, or if this is the new normal in business and commerce. 
  • What the point or purpose of having a course or group coaching program. 
  • The step by step process you can follow WITHOUT having to seek out his help and what the road map looks like. 
  • What happens when you get this wrong and what happens when you get it right. 


He can be found on: 

Instagram: @teachtoscale 

Join Joe DeMaria Every Friday –at 8 am Pacific for Open Q&A on Zoom – It’s Free! 

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