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Episode #146- Mindset and Overcoming Fear When Selling with Moeed Amin

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In Episode #146, I am talking with Moeed Amin 


For over 20 years Moeed has been obsessed with HOW and WHY people make the decisions they do. After graduating in Neuroscience he began his career in sales where he used his understanding of neuroscience and cognitive psychology to achieve incredible success. He has won various sales awards, consistently outperformed his targets (even during the 2007 financial crisis) and specialised in selling solutions to C-Level Executives in some of the largest companies in the world. He has worked with over 400 companies across 10 industries and he currently helps entrepreneurs grow their sales by teaching them to overcome their fear of selling and become better persuaders. 




Today, Moeed Amin is sharing with us some of his insights on Mindset and Overcoming Fear When Selling 


We talked about: 

  • Why so many entrepreneurs have a fear of selling. 
  • The top things that entrepreneurs can do to get comfortable with selling. 
  • How you can become more persuasive. 
  • How entrepreneurs can better persuade investors to invest in them. 
  • What he found from speaking with almost 400 buyers to understand what made them buy from someone. 
  • The top characteristics of being trustworthy. 
  • The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to selling or hiring a sales team. 


He can be found on:–VRw 



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