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Victoria M Gallagher

Episode #145- The Simple Guide to Creating Happiness with Dr. Yishai Barkhordari

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Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with Dr. Yishai Barkhordan The Simple Guide to Creating Happiness 

In Episode #145, I am talking with Dr. Yishai Barkhordan 

  • Awe-inspiring Psychologist 
  • Adaptability Coach and Consultant to entrepreneurs and business leaders 
  • Host of “The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai” podcast 
  • Adaptability-Hacker 


Dr. Yishai’s background, experience, and expertise in psychology have provided him with a rare window into the minds and motivations of people at work, in business, and in everyday life.  

Dr. Yishai leverages his deep psychological training and experience to help entrepreneurs and business leaders to transform challenges and exhaustion into energy, excitement, and excellence -for themselves and their businesses.  

What if your every reaction and emotion could be an empowering guide instead of your Achilles heel?   

Disclaimer: I’m a psychologist but not your psychologist, so do your own research before using anything I share. 

Today, Dr. Yishai Barkhordan is sharing with us some of his insights on The Simple Guide to Creating Happiness 


We talked about: 

  • The definition of happiness. 
  • How he uncovered the key to understanding and creating happiness.  
  • How we can create happiness in our lives. 
  • The common roadblocks or pitfalls that get in the way of happiness. 
  • Whether it possible to feel simultaneously happy and sad/frustrated/angry/overwhelmed, etc. at the same time. 

Download Dr. Yishai’s Simple Guide to Happiness Worksheet

He can be found at: 

Book an Adaptability Consulting Call with Dr. Yishai at 
Podcast: “The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai” 

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