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Victoria M Gallagher

Episode #144- How to Identify Your Gift and Package in a Way That Can Be Quickly Monetized with Robert Price

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In Episode #144, I am talking with Robert Price


After walking away from a career of 7+ years as a student affairs professional, Robert Price launched a consulting business because he wanted more income, more freedom, and more impact on the world.  


Since transforming from student affairs professional to work from anywhere business consultant, He’s worked with dozens of motivated entrepreneurs to identify their unique advantages in the marketplace and create a plan for increased productivity & business success.  


With a knack for asking the right questions, real life training & experience as a serial entrepreneur, and a hard earned MBA, he is equipped to help you overcome the roadblocks that are in the way of you running a profitable business.  


Armed with a proven methodology, practical instructions, and a genuine desire to see you win, he will help you build the business & lifestyle you want. 


Today, Robert Price is sharing with us some of his insights on How to Identify Your Gift and Package in a Way That Can Be Quickly Monetized 


We talked about: 

  • The unique recipe he discovered for identifying your gift. 
  • The role close family and friends can play in helping individuals discover their gift. 
  • Whether he suggests people focus more on improving their strengths or their weaknesses to achieve success. 
  • What he suggests people do with their weaknesses, when they spend most of their time, as experts suggest, on their strengths.   
  • How a person goes about earning money or being promoted from their gift. 
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make in starting their business. 
  • The biggest cheat code for success in business he wishes he could have shared with his younger self. 


He can be found on: 


Podcast: The Focus Academy Podcast. Formerly known as Productivity Boss Moves with Robert Price  



-Infocus: How to Stop Side Hustling & Make One Business Pop  

-The Basics: Everyday Life in Christ 

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