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Victoria M Gallagher

Episode #137- David Strickel – Channeling the Stream of David

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Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with David Strickel Channeling the Stream of David  

In Episode #137, I am talking with David Strickel 

David is a best selling author, has a radio show, podcast and an online training program, The TYA Practice which has transformed lives of people all over the world. 

Today, David Strickel is sharing with us some of his insights on Channeling the Stream of David 


We talked about: 

    • Channeling.
    • Spiritual awakening.
    • The Tya Practice.
    • How he transformed his life.
    • What abundance blocks are.


He can be found on: 



Book: The Stream: Eternal Wisdom for a Better Life 

 Free guided meditation – listeners can text ” awaken” to (760) 284-7665 


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