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Victoria M Gallagher

Episode #135 – Pragito Dove – Law of Attraction: Wisdom for Business & Personal Success

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Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with Pragito Dove- Law of Attraction: Wisdom for Business & Personal Success 


In Episode #135, I am talking with Pragito Dove 

Pragito Dove M.A., is a global authority on Expressive Meditation and founder of the #1 Expressive Meditation Training School in N. America. An internationally recognized Author, Hypnotherapist, Coach and Speaker with over 20 years experience, Pragito helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEO’s align their mindset to allow more peace, time and financial freedom. She shows you how to change your money blueprint, recondition your mind for automatic abundance, and use Spiritual Laws to create real world success. Pragito has shared the stage with such luminaries as John Gray(author of Mars-Venus #1 bestsellers) Panache Desai and MITEN. Her new book the #1 Amazon bestseller “LUNCHTIME ENLIGHTENMENT: Expressive Meditations for Manifesting Peace, Prosperity and Passion” was published in August 2020. 



Today, Pragito Dove is sharing with us some of her insights on Law of Attraction: Wisdom for Business & Personal Success 


We talked about: 

  • The Law of Attraction and how her techniques help us attract more of what we want in our lives. 
  • The most important thing to remember about LOA. 
  • How we can transform hurt and fear into love and joy. 
  • Why we keep attracting the wrong peopl. 
  • How to deliberately change our vibration so we attract more love.  
  • Why we keep going round the same scenario with money and bump up against our glass ceiling. 
  • How meditation helps with LOA – particularly the Laughter Meditation. 



She can be found on: 



“Lunchtime Enlightenment: Expressive Meditations For Manifesting Peace, Passion and Prosperity” August 2020.  


#1 Amazon bestseller. “Laughter, Tears, Silence” (New World Library 2011) 

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