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Amanda Daley

Episode #128 – Amanda Daley – Breaking Through the Mindset Blocks That Keep You Small

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Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with Amanda Daley – Breaking Through the Mindset Blocks That Keep You Small 


In Episode #128, I am talking with Amanda Daley 

Amanda Jane Daley is a leading business mentor for health and wellness entrepreneurs. With nearly 20 years in online marketing, Amanda has earned recognition by the world’s top advertising awards. Yet the fast-paced corporate lifestyle saw her training in multiple energetic healing modalities for many years to “survive” and heal her own health.  
Since stepping away from the corporate grind to combine her two superpowers, healing and marketing, in a unique business mentoring approach, she has built a 7-figure online coaching business that has served 1000s of new entrepreneurs worldwide. 


Today, Amanda Daley is sharing with us some of her insights on Breaking Through the Mindset Blocks That Keep You Small 


We talked about: 

  • The four most common myths that wellness entrepreneurs believe that hold them back. 
  • What mindset blocks come from and why they are so powerful. 
  • How you can challenge your anxieties by trying on different beliefs. 
  • What happened when she had to face her worst business nightmare. 
  • Why she frequently challenges her coaches to go get rejected this week. 


She can be found on: 



She’s giving our listeners:  

How to Attract Dream Clients- Top 5 Prove Tips to Be Seen as an Expert Health Coach, Confidently Attract Dream Clients + Fill Your Schedule: 

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