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Episode #125 – Art Giser – Clearing and Rewriting Limiting Energetic Programming and Karma

Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with Art Giser – Clearing and Rewriting Limiting Energetic Programming and Karma 


In Episode #125, I am talking with Art Giser 

Art Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP, a powerful synthesis of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), spiritual principles, and transformative energy work. He is an internationally renowned NLP trainer, executive coach, intuitive, hypnotist, channel and healer. 
Art is known for his humor, caring, miraculous remote energy work, and his ability to help people release energetic and unconscious blocks and limitations and open up their miraculous abilities. 
Art’s unique and diverse background includes working with Fortune 100 companies to develop exceptional leaders and teams, managing a medical research lab for the University of California, NLP, spirituality, coaching, transformative and healing energy work, and intuition development. He has studied with a diverse group of healers, psychics, and spiritual teachers. Art has had two empowerments from the Dalai Lama of Tibet, including one to increase his abilities to heal others. 


Today, Art Giser is sharing with us some of his insights on Clearing and Rewriting Limiting Energetic Programming and Karma 


We talked about: 

  • Why he believes that everyone has miraculous abilities and what those abilities are. 
  • What Energetic NLP is and how it is different than NLP. 
  • How he came to create Energetic NLP. 
  • What Whole Being Permission is and how not having it limits people’s abilities to access the powers of their mind. 
  • He takes you through a process that will open up more of your full potential. 


Book:  Discover Your Miraculous Self will be available January 2021. 

He can be found on: 
The Art of Transformation TV show (and soon to be podcast) 


He’s giving our listeners: a video that is an Energetic NLP Energy Spa™ session that will increase your confidence, power, and ability to get into action 

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