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Episode #120 – Doug Vermeeren – Do Your Fears In A Crisis Create More Problems Than The Crisis Itself?

Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with Doug Vermeeren – Do Your Fears In A Crisis Create More Problems Than The Crisis Itself?  


In Episode #120, I am talking with Doug Vermeeren 

Douglas Vermeeren is an entrepreneur and the producer and director of the new film How Thoughts Become Things (, which explores how people can make their dreams become reality through “The Law of Attraction.” He will discuss for your listeners why, when it comes to COVID-19, social unrest and other problems we face today, our fears create more challenges for us than the problems themselves. 

Says Vermeeren: “These days we see a lot of people becoming discouraged, depressed, fearful. We can see how fear has taken hold of people. The problem with that is what we think about most, we bring about. What we dwell on in our thoughts becomes who we are and what we experience.” 

In his new film, Vermeeren expands on concepts that were discussed in the 2006 movie The Secret, bringing back the top thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and cast from that movie.  
“A lot of personal development focuses on the idea of ‘do it’; get busy,” he says. “But the first step is not to do it but to become – to ‘be it.’ When we are the right thing internally, we will do the right thing.” 


Today, Doug is sharing with us some of his insights on Whether Your Fears In A Crisis Create More Problems Than The Crisis Itself 


We talked about: 

  • Why he says that people’s fears related to such things as COVID-19 create more havoc than the problems themselves. 
  •  What key things people need to know about overcoming negative thinking. 
  •  What the biggest challenge is that most people have with thought. 
  •  What some factors that influence thought are. 
  •  How quickly thoughts can be shifted and if they be changed permanently. 
  •  Vermeeren is a proponent of the Law of Attraction, the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life. 
    These days, in the midst of a pandemic and skyrocketing unemployment, it’s easy for people to let negative thoughts rule them, he says. We discuss how to change that and make sure it is your positive thoughts that rule. 




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