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Episode #117 – Oumar Dieng- Using Anchor Memories

Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with Oumar Dieng – Using Anchor Memories 


In Episode #117 I am talking with Oumar Dieng 

Oumar Dieng is a motivational speaker and life purpose coach. He helps people who are stuck in life gain clarify on their personal and professional goals, allowing them to make a breakthrough and live the life they want. 


Today, Oumar is sharing with us some of his insights on Using Anchor Memories 


We talked about:  

  • What his favorite quote is.
  • What event impacted his mindset the most.
  • What some of the things he does to stay positive. 
  • Why it is important to keep a balanced life.
  • What people can do to be more resilient right now.


He can also be found at: 


Podcast: The Motivational Voice Podcast 


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A downloadable ebook “How to Stop Procrastination”:

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