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Episode #116 – Chana Mason- Questioning Your Beliefs to Find Peace of Mind

Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with Chana Mason- Questioning Your Beliefs to Find Peace of Mind


In Episode #116, I am talking with Chana Mason 

How did she get to Israel? Chana was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Miami, Florida at the age of five. After some time in New Hampshire at Dartmouth College, she moved to Sydney, Australia to explore an awesome country under the guise of working for a management consulting firm. There she finally started to live out her dream of exploring her Jewish tradition, moving to Israel a year later. 

Chana Mason is best known as a Vitality Coach, certified in NLP, and has mentored hundreds of people in shifting their mindset, speech, and actions to live with clarity and joy. Her books, Hold That Thought, The Size of Your Dreams, and The Cash Machine are, as one reader put it, “life-changing!” So, we’ve dedicated this year to reaching thousands more and know her content will ignite your audience to stretch beyond their limitations. 

Chana has a track record of helping people make dramatic breakthroughs. She’s frank with people, cuts to the chase, and teaches complex ideas in easy-to-use terms that make personal growth, mindfulness, and aha moments accessible to anyone. 


Today, Chana is sharing with us some of her insights on Questioning Your Beliefs to Find Peace of Mind 


We talked about: 

  • Her life journey 
  • What motivated her to write each of her books? 
  • What tools that she teaches help her the most? 
  • Can she demonstrate how Inquiry works? (She will walk you through a facilitation.) 


She can be found on: 







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