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Episode #110 – Maggie Kelly – Quieting the Internal Dialogue: Reconnecting to Your Innermost Self via Daily Meditation Practice

Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with Maggie Kelly – Reconnecting to Your Innermost Self via Daily Meditation Practice 

In Episode #110, I am talking with Maggie Kelly 

Maggie Kelly has been meditating for over 14 years, is a Meditation Instructor trained under Deepak Chopra, owns a meditation and spiritual center in San Diego and is a life, business and spiritual coach. She combines coaching with meditation to help clients get in touch with their inner selves. 


Today, Maggie is sharing with us some of her insights on Reconnecting to Your Innermost Self via Daily Meditation Practice 


We talked about: 

  • One of the most poignant moments of her life and how that relates to the power of her mind.  
  • Whether she thinks that would ever have happened if she did not have a meditation practice. 
  •  The main lesson she learned from that experience. 
  •  What she thinks keeps most of us stuck and unable to live a life we envision for ourselves. 
  •  Why we operate that way. 
  •  What meditation has to do with it. 


She can be found at: 

www.satsanghouse.net and www.maggiekelly.com 

Podcast: Life Illuminated 

YouTube Channels: Maggie Kelly and Satsang House 

Her Free Gift: a 60-minute complimentary coaching session via Zoom or phone. BOOK YOUR SESSION HERE: https://SatsangHouseScheduling.as.me/ZoomCoachingComp 

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