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Episode #100 – Rasheid Edwards – The Power of Trance

Power of Your Mind Podcast Interview with Rasheid Edwards  The Power of Trance

In Episode #100, I am talking with Rasheid Edwards.

Rasheid “Coach” Edwards is a mental health consultant and hypnotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Rasheid Edwards has over 13 years of experience in behavioral and success achievement strategies through speaking and coaching. He believes that the challenges plaguing the average individual is controlled by their perception and thinking related to their circumstances. Rasheid’s experience as a coach and hypnotherapist has taught him that we have unintentionally spent a lot of time programming our minds to work against us. Now it’s time to program our minds for success.

Rasheid is the author of The Secret Commitment, a book outlining the 7 key concepts to goal achievement and transformation. He has recently completed a mental health primer entitled, Mental Health Matters (releasing in April). In light of the current pandemic, Rasheid is using his skills to help people suffering from anxiety and stress in a web-based format. He is available for group and individual sessions via booking requests at the email coach@mentalinfinity.com.

We talked about:

  • What Rasheid considers to be the power of your mind
  • How he came to this state of awareness
  • How he coaches others to use the power of their minds
  • What the simplest advice is that Rasheid would give someone new to the ideology
  • What are some of the greatest results he’s gotten or helped someone else get
  • And much more!

Gift for the Listeners: Rasheid Edwards has a special gift that will allow you to get into a state that is conducive to creation if you reach out to him and put “Power of Your Mind Podcast” in the subject line:


Rasheid’s Websites:

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