Victoria M Gallagher

Episode #07 – Victoria Gallagher – Limiting Beliefs

Today we are going to discuss LIMITING BELIEFS, which ties in so well with the theme of this show which is all about The Power of Your Mind, Law of Attraction, and Hypnosis.

Anything in your life that you are trying to attract and you are not attracting is being impacted by your limiting beliefs.

Your reality matches up with what your deepest beliefs say.

If you have beliefs in your subconscious mind which are preventing you from having what you want, it’s a very dis-empowering place to be.

The first step in CLEARING limiting beliefs is to BECOME AWARE of those beliefs.

Next, we will be Creating a New Belief System.

Overcoming limiting beliefs requires that you replace each of them with new and more empowering ways of thinking! In order to create a new belief, it must be believable. So, your challenge is to create new pieces of self-talk, perspective, life philosophies, or slogans that really resonate with you on an experiential level.

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