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Does Mind Training Have An Effect On Relieving Pain?

Can mind training help relieve pain? This is a question that many people are wondering about. We always hear the phrase “what the mind conceives, the body achieves“. And to some effect, this is true. We have all seen top athletes, talented individuals who have all the physical process, fail in top competitions because their mind is not as strong as their bodies. Without a strong mental disposition, even the strongest body can fall prey.

How Mind Training Can Help Relieve Pain

The degree of pain that we feel depends on many factors and varies with each situation. Some people have a very high pain tolerance, while some have very little. However, the body as a whole undergoes certain changes when subjected to pressure, stress and emotions. Ever heard of stories where people on adrenaline rush seem to have forgotten about their pain? How people who cannot even life half their weight suddenly were able to lift almost twice their weight during fire emergencies?

man holding his left shoulder

If you your mind is desperate enough to either survive or succeed, your adrenaline rush removes all the pain, sickness and fatigue that you are feeling. And this is why some people harness the power of their mind by training it to subdue pain at command, and not only during emergencies such as fire or earthquakes.

By paying close attention and fully participating in mind training, you can help train your body to be tolerant to pain. You can even experience natural healing times from small illnesses. From the deepest core level of your body, you can feel energized and regenerated.

Many old cultures, especially those in the Eastern Asian origins, use meditation to help strengthen not only their body but more importantly their minds. And we believe that you can do this too! By consistently practicing meditation and self-hypnosis everyday, you have the power to impose your will over your body. You can help relieve your body from pain and even learn how to heal your body not only physically but spiritually as well.

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