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Deep Breathing Techniques To Help You Relax

Using deep breathing techniques for relaxation and health improvement is not a new. In fact, this practice has been prevalent even if you go back to the ancient teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism where the practice of yoga is very popular. Breathing exercises coupled with meditation is a perfect way to get your thoughts aligned together, and it is also the perfect exercise to calm you down after a hard day’s work.

In this article, we are going to explore the different breathing and meditation techniques to help you relax. Try practicing these at morning as soon as you wake up and before you attend your daily tasks, or at night before you lie on the bed to sleep.

Breathing Techniques For Improving Your Health

  • Nose-to-mouth big breath technique – with this technique, you are essentially taking in big spurts of breath from your nostrils and then exhale out using your mouth. This is one of the best breathing techniques to partner up with meditation and visualization because it calms you and slows everything down, allowing you to focus on your mind.
  • Closed-lip technique – this deep breathing technique involves using your nose to inhale and your nose to exhale too. Basically, you don’t use your mouth to inhale or exhale, and it allows you to concentrate on the slow but focused influx of air in your body. This is highly recommended when you are stressed out and you need to be able to focus your mind away from your stresses.
  • Deep breathing mouth technique – with this technique, you are doing long, heavy and deep breathes from your mouth and exhale the air through your nostrils. What this technique promotes is the influx of big breaths containing large amounts of air into your system. This is great when you are tired from work or preparing for a physically-exhausting task – it relaxes your body and clears your mind because of the large amount of air absorbed by your blood cells.


Deep breathing techniques have meditative and healing powers that can really amp up not only your physical well-being but your mental health too. Learn more about the healing power of breathing through this hypnosis CD and mp3 download – improve your deep breathing techniques today.

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