Victoria M Gallagher

Communication from Intergalactic Council of Extraterrestrials with Vincent Genna

In episode 285, Vincent Genna shares some of his insights on the communication he is receiving from the intergalactic council of Extraterrestrials. 

We discuss: 

  • Why some believe that extraterrestrials are visiting our planet due to concerns about detrimental changes and negativity. 
  • Examples and experiences that convinced him that extraterrestrials are genuinely concerned about Earth’s changes and negativity. 
  • The kind of guidance and technology extraterrestrials are offering for meaningful changes. 
  • The future relationship between humanity and extraterrestrial beings, considering the guidance and technology they are offering. 
  • Key messages or advice that the intergalactic council of extraterrestrials has conveyed to him, especially regarding the challenges our planet faces. 

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