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Can You Become Hypnotizable?

A person’s natural inclination to be suggestible to hypnotic command or being hypnotizable depends on a number of factors. Whether these factors work to your benefit or against you, really comes down to your attitude.

There are some factors you were born with, or that were developed as coping strategies very early on in your life, that are outside of your control now.  I’m talking about the individual makeup of each person. For instance, if someone is naturally susceptible to suggestion in their everyday life, they likely will carry along that susceptibility in the hypnosis process as well. Everyone is susceptible… to some degree.

Being Hypnotizable Relies On Many Factors

If you take a look at these personality styles and see where you fit in, you will understand your natural tendency to become hypnotized.

  • Would you consider yourself more Easy Going or more Dominant?
  • Would you consider yourself more Formal or Informal?

Now, there are no hard and fast rules here because everyone CAN be hypnotized.  For example, I am going to tell you that probably the hardest person to hypnotize is someone who is a combination of Dominant and Formal.  It’s not always the case of course and much of it depends upon your willingness and your desire and also your understanding of what hypnosis really is in the first place.

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Are You Hypnotizable Or Not? Can You Learn To Be Hypnotizable?

This Formal Dominant personality style, happens to be one of the most hypnotizable personalities.  And, people who fall under this category become hypnotizable because they have trained themselves to be.  Of course, I understand the benefits of being hypnotizable.

So, getting back to the categories.  Now, the combination of the Informal and Easy Going person is typically a very hypnotizable person.  This kind of person has the ability to let go of control much easier. Being hypnotizable is not just something handed on to you. The fact of the matter is, no matter what your behavior style, anyone can be hypnotized if they choose to be.

And being able to allow yourself to be hypnotized is a great thing because you can allow your powerful self to really come to the surface and help you to achieve amazing things.

Hypnosis programs can give you the tools and understanding you need to put yourself into suggestive state. You can benefit in so many ways through hypnosis. Hypnosis can help you improve your self-confidence, help you beat a bad habit, improve your health and even make you wealthier. The first part in all of this is believing that you can be hypnotized. The more you want it and believe in it, the easier it will be.

You can become hypnotizable. And you can achieve goals through hypnosis!

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