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Can You Be A Hypnotist w/Erika Flint

Have you ever wondered if you can be a hypnotist?

On todays episode #297 I have  Erika Flint to chat about “Can You Be A Hypnotist” and she is  going to share some of her insights about Helping YOU BECOME a a hypnotist, if that is a career you have been curious about, you’re going to want to listen to every word of todays episode.

We chat about

Different transformations seen by people with hypnotherapy

Common misconceptions about hypnosis

How do YOU know if you are suited to being a hypnotherapist

Some of the best advice on how to begin your hypnotherapy career today

Erika Flint is an award-winning hypnotist, three time best-selling author, “Reprogram Your Weight,” “Lighter,” and “Can You Be A Hypnotist?” speaker on hypnosis and the self-actualized mind, and a co-host of the popular podcast series Hypnosis, Etc.
Her extensive training and innovative approaches in hypnotherapy have not only earned her prestigious awards like the Hypnosis Instructor of the Year but also the esteemed Order of Braid Designation for her outstanding contributions to the field. As the founder of a leading hypnotherapy school, Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services in Bellingham, Washington, she employs 5 full-time hypnotists and drives a $1M annual run rate.
Erika is dedicated to advancing the practice of hypnosis through education, empowering a new generation of hypnotherapists with her expertise and passion.
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