Victoria M Gallagher

Building Up Your “Feel Good” Energy During The Pandemic

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you should know by now that it takes more than just having positive thoughts to get what you want. To make sure that you get what you really want in life, you must not only have positive thoughts but you must exude a positive, good energy as well. Attracting what you want in life does not end in affirmations, but starts with actions. Building your dose of feel good energy is essential in making sure that you get the positive energy needed to perform positive actions —- actions that will take you reaching your goals. Especially during this time of the pandemic.

Have you ever wished you had more positive energy so you could finish every work that you ever started? Did it ever occur to you that having a bit more energy could take you to more places and give you more finished tasks? Truly, building a feel good energy is a very important tool for success. Not every task can be finished just by having a positive attitude at hand and getting your dose of feel good energy everyday is going to be a very important part of your success.

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When you are able to achieve and maintain your positive energy, you will be that much closer to attracting what you want in life. If you understand The Law of Attraction then you know it takes more than positive thinking to attract what you want. The most important step to achieving everything you’ve dreamed of is to increase your energy vibration, and this can be done through studying and practicing self-hypnosis. Good energy vibration starts from the subconscious mind and what better activity there is to stimulate your subconscious than meditation and hypnosis?

If you are interested to work on building your feel good energy, you can take a look at our hypnosis downloads to get you started in the right direction. When you feel the energizing feeling of that feel good energy and align yourself with it, you will soon attract what you want more easily than ever before!

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