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Victoria M Gallagher

Building A Strong Mindset For Success By Fighting Fear

You may not realize it, but our mind and body is doing something unconsciously everyday that we don’t even realize — we fight fear.

As much as you are accustomed to them, little do you realize how smart your body and brain are. When you are low in food, you body and brain work together to automatically lower down your metabolism in order to conserve energy. When you are in the dark, your body and brain work to make your eyes more sensitive to light, allowing you to see better in the dark even with little light.

When you are starving, your body automatically enters its “danger zone” and tries to conserve as much energy and nutrients as possible in order to preserve your life. These little things, although unseen and unnoticed, occurs within your brain and body continuously — which is why I always believe that the body and the brain are so smart!

Your body is afraid of failing. Your mind is anxious of failing. In order to avoid putting you in a dangerous situation, your mind and body will fight fear by imposing symptoms and conditions that will help you avoid these dangers. In a way, it is your mind and body working together to fight fear that you are able to avoid any incoming danger.

And in a way, you can also “fight fear” by using your anxiety to fuel your mind to succeed in life too. By avoiding the fear of failing, you can actually condition your mind to succeed in life!

Contrary to belief, fear is not a sign of cowardice. Actually. fear is your body and brain showing wisdom in the face of danger. When you fear something or you are afraid of something, your brains alerts your body of something that can be dangerous to you such as a high place where you can fall or a fast moving street where you can get hit by vehicles. In reality, your brain and body is actually warning you to stay safe and to be alert in order to preserve and prolong your life.

If you feel like you always fear failing in life, why not use these fears to help you succeed in life instead? Instead of playing because you don’t want to lose the game, why don’t you play because you want to WIN instead? I know, this kind of shift in mentality might be hard to comprehend. But it you think about it, our fears protect us from dangerous things that could happen to us. It is just basic body and mind instinct. Now, if you use your fears in a positive way by changing your frame of mind, wouldn’t THAT be a wonderful thing? The law of attraction can help you attract a more positive outlook in life instead of lingering through negativity.

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