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Victoria M Gallagher

Building A Positive Exercise Habit Today

Eating, sleeping and exercise, are 3 of the most important and essential habits that you should build. More so now that most of the world is stuck at home and unable to be active due to the pandemic. The overall condition and health of our body are directly connected to these 3 activities, which is why it is very important to remove negative habits and embrace a positive habit in each of these 3 areas.

First of all, you are what you eat. The things that you put inside your body are things that can either make or break you. Having a positive eating and diet pattern will help you remove not only your unwanted weight but also your stress and your poor health condition. Making sure that you eat 3 heavy meals complemented with 3 light meals everyday is a great way to start your eating pattern in the right direction.

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How Do You Achieve A Healthier Version Of  You?

If you are eating right, then you also need to be exercising like a true dedicated individual. All the healthy food in the world wouldn’t be able to help you if you are not taking care of your body well through exercise. In order to strengthen not only your physical strength but most importantly improve your blood circulation and immunity as well, you need to engage into some kind of a healthy physical exercise. It doesn’t have to be lifting weights or running at the treadmill all the time. If you enjoy sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis or swimming, these activities would be great alternatives that would help you hit two birds in one stone — being able to exercise while doing the sports that you enjoy!

Finally, an ample amount of sleep is needed to complete your day. Eating right and exercising constantly will do you no good if you don’t give yourself and your body enough time to recover and recuperate. When we are asleep, our body sheds off some of our dead and dying cells and replaces them with new ones in order to replenish and recuperate. If you can sleep at least 8 hours a day, that would be optimal. This is the amount of sleep that you should be targeting for a healthier you.

Of course, all of these things can’t be achieved if we don’t condition our mind to embrace the change in our lifestyle. It is always easy to say that we would do these lifestyle changes, but it is another thing to actually have the mindset to do them. If you are really serious about getting these changes done, you can check out this hypnosis app to help you get started in the right direction . With this, you can help condition your subconscious through self-hypnosis to embrace all the changes required for you to be able to change your lifestyle into a healthier, positive one!

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