Victoria M Gallagher

Build Self-Confidence Today With This Simple Mindset Trick

If you want to build self-confidence today, then you have to put this one simple mantra inside your mind – your self-confidence is only as good as your word. Your self-confidence is based upon what you speak to your subconscious mind – it is the basis of all the promises that you tell your subconscious mind to achieve. What is possible for you to achieve and accomplish. It’s how you feel about yourself. It’s your promise to your self!

So to build self-confidence today, you have to start with what matters – your subconscious mind.

In a way, your subconscious mind remembers everything that you tell yourself. It is like our own personal diary of thoughts and it is always listening to us. Just like a recorder that is constantly recording our every deed, it gives us plus points for completing our promises (and negative points for not living true to them). When you say to yourself: “I am going to the gym today”, fulfilling it boosts our self-confidence little by little.

It doesn’t matter if you said it out loud, wrote it down, told someone else, or said it silently to yourself; you have broken your word if you don’t fulfill your promises to yourself – and self-confidence breaks down because of it.


Your subconscious mind remembers this, the next time you go to do this; it is going to be that much more difficult. Every time you break your word with yourself an element of doubt is created. You are creating a program and training your mind to NOT do what you say you are going to do. It’s literally like an anchor. Saying you will do something, and not doing it, ultimately result in that always being the case with you.

At this point you develop a lack of self-confidence in your ability to achieve anything.

Start out small. Begin by setting very small little goals for yourself that you absolutely know you can and will do. Set yourself up to WIN. Make a new agreement with yourself every day that you will keep. Soon, these little wins will begin to change the way you see yourself and that you are a person of high integrity and commitment and when you say you will do something you do it. As you see this happening, your self-confidence will grow stronger and you will be able to take on more difficult goals and achieve them with ease because you know that you can achieve anything.

You will have achieved a new level of achievement, self-worth, and personal power to do anything that you set out to do.

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