Victoria M Gallagher

Believe and Manifest 

In episode #273, Jim Kellner and I are sharing our insights on Believe and Manifest. 

We discuss:  

  • The word “BELIEVE” in the context of manifestation and why it is crucial for the manifestation process. 
  • How limiting beliefs hinder our ability to manifest our goals, and some strategies for overcoming them. 
  • Sharing a personal experience where my belief played a significant role in manifesting something in my life. 
  • Practical techniques or exercises that you can use to strengthen your belief in your manifestation abilities. 
  • Some common challenges or obstacles you may be facing when trying to strengthen your belief, and how you can overcome them. 
  • How belief connects with the idea of aligning with the frequency or vibration of your desires in the manifestation process. 
  • Techniques and practices that can help you strengthen your belief on a subconscious level. 
  • How you can maintain your belief and faith in the manifestation process, especially when faced with setbacks or delays. 

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