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Victoria M Gallagher

Beat Distraction And Be Productive

For some people, distraction can be a huge thing. It can really affect a lot of things, from performance at school to one’s office work rate. According to one study, the average American who works in the office only spends around 15 to 30 minutes of work before starting to get distracted. If you closely think about this number, you would realize that distraction affects a lot of things in the life of a person, especially in areas where production and creativity is required and relied upon heavily.

When you feel like working on something but you feel like you are easily distracted, there are so many things that you can do to fend off distraction. One of the most effective things to do it is to stop doing all the little things that cause distractions such as your phone and your computer. Putting your phone away while working or closing all your internet browsers — even turning off your computer if worse comes to worse — can really help you get rid of the distractions that might cut down your productivity.


Another thing that you can do to fend off distraction is to avoid multitasking if you are not used to it. The attention span of people varies from one person to another, and it can really hurt your concentration if you try to multitask and you are not really used to doing it. Although multitasking can be great and it can help you increase the number of jobs that you can accomplish, spreading out your attention throughout a number of activities can have a negative effect instead of a positive one.

Distraction can be a difficult thing to shake off, more so in this time and age where things move so fast and there is always something new out there that even shortens our attention span. If you plan to get rid of and beat distraction today, it should start by having the right frame of mind and positive outlook that you can get from practicing self-hypnosis. Check out this hypnosis download to help you beat distraction today!

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