Victoria M Gallagher

Can You Attract Luck Through Your Actions?

Many people believe that luck is something uncontrollable – that no matter what you do, you can’t really influence the flow of luck in your life. It’s either you are lucky, or you aren’t. That’s it. 

However, not many people are aware that you can actually attract luck through your actions. Yes, it is entirely possible – as long as you are conscious and aware of what your actions mean.

Attracting Luck Starts With The Right Outlook of Positivity

Attracting luck is dependent on your outlook in life. The law of attraction states that positive people attract positive things, while negativity begets negativity too. If you are wondering how to attract luck through your actions, you need to start assessing your overall outlook in life. If you are constantly exuding a negative vibe around you, bad luck will soon follow you.

However, if you fill your day with positive affirmations and thoughts, you are much more likely to attract luck towards your way. The little things such as smiling towards other people, being kind and helpful towards strangers are not random things – they connect in such a way that doing them returns good fortune towards your way. What if you smiled at a person who was having a bad day, and it turns out he was going to be your boss in the future? What if you helped an old lady, whose son turned out to be a CEO of a big company where you are currently working at, and he learns about it? Think about the domino effect that positivity brings!

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