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These Simple Gestures Will Let You Attract Customers Unconsciously

If you are in the business sector, copy writing, marketing or entrepreneurship, the ability to attract customers unconsciously is a gold mine. Not all people are born with the ability to easily win the trust of people, enough to make them buy from you, so having that innate skill is something that can really make a big difference.

While some people do have the ability to do this, not all of us can do it. To attract customers unconsciously requires a great deal of charm and charisma, and some people are just not born with that. However, there are always alternative ways to get to the same results, even without a great deal of innate charm and charisma. Try doing these simple gestures whenever you interact with your customers and see if they help you attract customers unconsciously.

Attract Customers Unconsciously With These Simple Gestures

Give out a warm, bright and authentic smile

Truly, nothing can attract people more than a warm and authentic smile. Do no overlook this gesture because smiling creates an aura of openness that will make people more receptive to your propositions and suggestions. Smiling is a friendly gesture that you should practice all the time — even if you are not in front of your customers.

Always end the transaction with a firm handshake

If you’ve had a transaction with a customer, win over their loyalty and trust by ending your transaction with a firm handshake. As the old saying goes, “nothing tells a personality better than a handshake”, so try to prove your sincerity and warmth with a firm handshake with your customers.

Don’t forget your customers’ names

This might seem trivial to some, but remembering people’s names can really make a HUGE difference on how they react to you. If you remember my name. I’d surely remember yours. But if you forgot my name after we just had a transaction some few minutes ago, it would definitely mean that you are not paying attention to me. Don’t forget your customers’ names and they will surely reward you with a warm reception and possibly some repeat transaction.

These simple gestures might not seem to important, but these small gestures are actually the ones that count! If you wish to attract new clients or customers that are loyal to you and that can allow you to grow your business, do not forget to practice these gestures everyday!

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