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3 Tips To Help Attract Good Fortune At The Start Of The Year

New year is often attributed to as the best time to attract good fortune. Many believe that once you have a great momentum and bearing to start the year, it follows throughout the rest of the year too. 2020 was a challenging year for many of us, so it would be a great thing to welcome the year on a good note, right?

The law of attraction states that you can attract good fortune, positivity and success through your actions. This law gives us the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on – and that the Universe reciprocates whatever we give back to it. Regardless of our age, nationality or religious beliefs, we are all governed by the Universal laws – and the law of attraction is one such law.

So, how do we attract good fortune at the start of the year? You might be surprised that this doesn’t involve doing things like burning incense or offering coins to deities – but these practical tips will surely work in your favor and allow you to create and attract good fortune.

Start Every Morning Happy And Smiling

The law of attraction is not magic – it is a state of mind. And with it, you can change your outlook in life and allow you to become a much more positive and happy individual. Starting every morning with a smile on your face let’s the universe know that you are ready to accept positivity and happiness in your life. Trust me when I say that a happy morning rarely ends in a bad day.

Do One Good Deed Everyday

The law of attraction says that when we do good things, the universe will also give it back to us. Good deeds attract good results and intentions from others. Practice doing one good deed a day and see how much impact you can make not only on your own life but on others as well. just imagine – 365 good deeds in one year? The universe will surely find a way to pay you back for those good deeds somewhere along the way – who knows, the person you help today might be someone who helps you back in the future?

Let Go Of Negativity Immediately To Attract Good Fortune

As soon as something bad happens to you, let go of it immediately. Don’t let it linger on your thoughts – instantly let it go and move on from it. A rotten fruit can only corrupt the other fruits if you let it stay inside the basket – so throw away all the bad thoughts away from your thought basket. This is probably difficult to do at first because people tend to overthink – but as soon as you learn this habit, you will be in control for much of your life.

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